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For Scotch as it appears in the Fallout series of games, see Alcohol.

Scotch is an addictive alcoholic drink found in Fallout 3.


As with other alcohols, scotch has the benefit of raising a player's Strength and Charisma by +1 for a short time, at the cost of -1 Intelligence.


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  • They should have a glowing orange-brownish color like the whiskey in the game, as Scotch is a type of whiskey. It even shares its world model with "large whiskey bottle", a clutter item that bears "Scotch" on its label but can not be consumed.
  • Scotch can be obtained freely from Dukov when asked, "Hey can I have some of that hooch?" He then encourages the player to take a Scotch from the upstairs cabinet.
  • Gob offers kind players a discount on the Scotch he sells.

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