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The scorpion gulch is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. As the name suggests, many bark scorpions and giant radscorpions swarm the area. By passing through here, the player may reach HELIOS One and New Vegas, without traveling through Nipton in the south.


Located south-east of the Brotherhood of Steel bunker in Hidden Valley, you will need to go down there when looking for a missing laser pistol.

Near the exit towards Black Mountain there is a small ramp leading up to a grave, which the player can dig up for some random loot with a shovel. Often times there can be several dead wastelanders found at the entrance from the Black Mountain side, all containing minor loot.

Depending on your level, when you enter the gulch, there are a few waves of scorpions. Each wave contains 4 bark scorpions and one giant radscorpion. Along the path to the gulch, from the Black Mountain side, there are several holes in the walls along the way in which bark scorpions, and bark scorpion hunters will spawn out of.

Notable lootEdit


The scorpion gulch appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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