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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Lenny, a super mutant in the Rawhide Saloon


{100}{}{A mutant - and a tame one at that.}
{101}{}{That's Lenny, remember? The obnoxious one.}
{102}{}{Hoo-boy - this lad's a piece of work. Besides the fact he's green and ugly, he's got more scars on him than an old whore. This one's a fighter, for sure.}
{103}{}{I'm Lenny and you're pond scum. Get outta here.}
{104}{}{Why you bothering Lenny, you little white grub?}
{105}{}{What you want with Lenny, worthless human?}
{106}{}{Keep poking me and you can tell your maker Lenny sent you.}
{107}{}{Pleased to meet ya. I'm Lenny - you must be Shit-for-brains. Ha, ha!}
{108}{}{Tell yer mutant master my name's Lenny, slave.}
{109}{}{Hey, brother mutie, Lenny wonder why you hanging with this human slug?}
{110}{}{Lenny don't talk to nobody. Makes muties his slaves, grub.}
{111}{}{Lenny says you and your butt-kissing mutie Tom can go to hell.}
{112}{}{Watch out. Lenny ain't no tame mutie like the one you got now.}
{113}{}{Hey, the little pale skin's back!}
{114}{}{Get off my case, human.}
{115}{}{Get lost, chump.}
{116}{}{What's the matter? Need somebody to change yer diaper?}
{117}{}{You are as dense as a pile of bricks, human.}

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