FilmThe following is based on the canceled Fallout movie and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Scholar is a young man, educated about the world on the surface. He is from the Vault, specifically Vault 13, in the Fallout Movie.


The Surface Scholar, as he is referred to initially in the Fallout film treatment, is an arrogant young man who is one of the scouts included in the expedition to acquire a new chip.[1] When the Vault Dweller, the leader of the scouting party, is uncomfortable with firearms in his first encounter with them, the Scholar claims he knows all there is to know about them.[2] He then tries to usurp leadership, and this prompts an argument in which the Overseer has to step in and end, reminding them that they need to work together.[3]

Upon leaving the Vault, and following Techy's death, he shows his belief that he knows best and his stubbornness again when he impetuously wants to engage the scavengers that killed Techy despite their technological superiority.[4] This trait is reinforced soon after when he refuses to take off his 'suit', sticking to the Vault Overseer's advice to protect his (potential) progeny. That is, until he passes out from the heat.[5] When the Vault Dweller descends into Vault 8, Scholar and Female Officer wait outside, and are captured by Mad Max. [6]

After being spared due to the Vault Dweller's promises to provide Max with a GECK, friction develops between Scholar and Max as the two have opposing schools of wisdom on the wastes: Max learnt everything from experience, whereas Scholar has more formal knowledge of the surface (hence the working designation of 'Surface Scholar').[7] The flaws in the Scholar's 'book smarts' are shown when he tried to barter for water chip at a stall in the Hub's Beverly Center – he has $5,000 in outdated dollars and a VISA card.[8]

The Scholar is a poor brawler, and is severely beaten when he and the Vault Dweller attack the Scavengers in hand-to-hand combat in the mall when they see them selling Techy's belongings and organs. [9]They are arrested, and find themselves trying to strike a deal with Dekker, who wants two of the remaining three in exchange for the water chip. When the Vault Dweller refuses, they go to a bar with Max. [10]

Here, the Scholar slinks off with some prostitutes after dinner.[11] He then concocts a plan to lead the other two into an ambush in exchange for his life, automatic weapons and a few extra water chips.[12] However, due to complications, his plan fails, and he is captured along with the others by the Super mutants. In captivity, he rationalises his decision as doing what's best for the Vault. He then volunteers to go with the mutants when they come, and he is tortured. He quickly reveals the Vaults location,[13] but is not spared, and is dipped into FEV by the Master.[14]

After his comrades escape, he had mutated and been left behind, the Scholar (now dubbed Scholar-Mutant) leads the Master to the Vault and they assault it.[15] During the ensuing battle, the Vault Dweller leads the Scholar down into the Vault, and using his superior knowledge of the layout, lures the Scholar into a trap in which the subway car crushes him.[16]


Scholar was to appear in the Fallout Movie.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Along with the other scouts, Scholar's age can be placed between 15 and 35.[17]
  • The Scholar's name was never revealed as it had not been decided yet, as it was will all the other characters. He is referred to as Surface Scholar, Scholar and Scholar-Mutant at various points instead.
  • Along with the other scouts, Scholar had expressed wishes to see the outside world, and it is later revealed that this is the reason that he is selected for the recon mission.[18]


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