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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Felix, Roger Westin's ranch foreman on the Westin Ranch


{100}{}{You see a man wearing leathers and packing heat.}
{101}{}{It's Felix, the ranch foreman.}
{102}{}{He looks like a cooler, tougher customer than the rest of the lot hanging around here.}
{103}{}{What can I do for you, stranger?}
{104}{}{You again?}
{106}{}{The sheriff told me to come by - said Mr. Westin might have a job for me.}
{107}{}{I'm here to see the boss.}
{108}{}{I'm looking for work.}
{109}{}{I'm looking for Vault 13.}
{110}{}{Just looking around.}
{111}{}{Great, another idiot. I suppose you want to see the boss?}
{114}{}{Fine. Go on in.}
{115}{}{It's late. Come back in the morning.}
{116}{}{Well then, get on out of here.}
{117}{}{Dumont, eh? Well, that's good enough for me. Mr. Westin's inside.}
{118}{}{That's nice. Mr. Westin don't just see anybody. You got any cause?}
{119}{}{I'm looking for Vault 13.}
{120}{}{What if I said Bishop in New Reno sent me to kill him?}
{121}{}{Uh, no.}
{122}{}{Hah! Another crackpot. You ought to go talk to Saltbeef. You and he'd get along fine.}
{124}{}{I'm out of here.}
{125}{}{Saltbeef Bob - over in the stables. Mr. Westin lets him stay there. Now stop wasting my time.}
{126}{}{Oh, thanks.}
{127}{}{Then I guess we got to kill you.}
{128}{}{Done with your meeting?}
{129}{}{Westin. Job. Me}
{130}{}{Me go.}
{131}{}{Fine, he wants you to have a job; I got a job for you. Someone, or something, kill moo-moos. You come me. You guard. Keep moo-moos safe. Make boss happy. Okay?}
{133}{}{No. Me no kill.}
{134}{}{Back again, are you? Job done?}
{137}{}{Yeah, he left orders. He's been expecting you.}
{138}{}{HEY YOU! Get away from there!}
{140}{}{Fuck you!}
{141}{}{Yeah. He said to see you about some problem with the brahmin.}
{142}{}{Yes. I'm out of here.}
{143}{}{Right. Someone, or something, has been killing brahmin on the west pasture. I'll take you out there and you take care of it. Let's go.}
{144}{}{Forget that!}
{145}{}{Mr. Westin is waiting for you.}
{146}{}{Well, we were having a problem with varmints, but they stopped hassling us. You can see Westin if you want.}
{147}{}{I'm here on business from Vault City.}
{500}{}{You touch that door again and there'll be hell to pay. Got that, buddy?}

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