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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for cheat character of New California Republic (town).


{100}{}{You see a cheat character.}
{101}{}{This guy shouldn't be here.}
{102}{}{Hey it's a cheat character.}
{103}{}{Hey that hurt.}
{104}{}{Hello what would you like to happen.}
{105}{}{Setting Westin's flags.}
{106}{}{Set Accept Snuffing westin?}
{107}{}{Unset Accept Snuffing Westin.}
{108}{}{Set Westin Dead.}
{109}{}{Unset Westin Dead.}
{110}{}{Set Westin Cancel Snuff}
{111}{}{Unset Westin Cancel Snuff.}
{112}{}{Set Westin Drugs Known.}
{113}{}{Unset westin Drugs known.}
{114}{}{Set Westin Fail}
{115}{}{Unset westin Fail.}
{116}{}{Set Westin Complete}
{117}{}{Unset Westin Complete.}
{118}{}{Set Westin Snuff Known.}
{119}{}{Unset westin snuff known.}
{120}{}{Setting Carlson's Flags.}
{121}{}{Set Carlson Accept Snuff.}
{122}{}{Unset Carlson Accept Snuff.}
{123}{}{Set Carlson Dead.}
{124}{}{Unset Carlson Dead.}
{125}{}{Set Carlson Security Duty.}
{126}{}{Unset Carlson Security Duty.}
{127}{}{Set Carlson Cancel Snuff.}
{128}{}{Unset Carlson Cancel Snuff.}
{129}{}{Set Carlson Complete.}
{130}{}{Unset Carlson Complete.}
{131}{}{Set Carlson fail.}
{132}{}{Unset Carlson Fail.}

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