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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Carlson's kid.

{100}{}{You see a snot-nosed little kid.}
{101}{}{It's Vice-President Carlson's kid}
{102}{}{Looks like a spoiled little runt. Fat, too.}
{103}{}{My dad's Vice-President Carlson, so you better treat me nice! Who are you?}
{104}{}{[Player name]}
{105}{}{I'm one of your dad's guards.}
{106}{}{Where's your dad?}
{107}{}{See this knife? I've gutted little kids nicer than you.}
{108}{}{I'm your worst nightmare, puke.}
{109}{}{Sorry kid, I'm busy.}
{110}{}{? That's a crappy name. You got a stupid name! Stupid name!}
{111}{}{Then you got to be extra nice to me or I'll tell my dad.}
{112}{}{Oh? How about I (whisper).}
{113}{}{Right. Oh boy.}
{114}{}{He's inside. In his office. He's always in there.}
{115}{}{Where's his office?}
{116}{}{Okay. Thanks.}
{117}{}{By the water tank. I play over there sometimes. I peek on him while he's working.}
{118}{}{You're an annoying little brat, aren't you?}
{119}{}{Thanks kid, you've been a big help.}
{120}{}{You're not a nice man, you're a bad man! I'm going to go tell my daddy!}
{121}{}{Hey, it's you again. Whatcha doing?}
{122}{}{Go ask your father if I can see him.}
{123}{}{Tell you father I have news about Mr. Bishop. Can you remember that?}
{125}{}{You're a poop brain! Poop brain!}
{127}{}{News about Mr. Mishop. Okay?}
{128}{}{Good enough.}
{129}{}{Daddy says he can't see you.}
{130}{}{I told Daddy that. I think he doesn't like you.}
{131}{}{Daddy says you can come in the house.}
{132}{}{I told Daddy you were a bad man.}
{133}{}{That's right, I'm the boogy man! And I'm gonna eat you.}
{134}{}{You got me wrong, kid.}
{135}{}{I'm not supposed to talk to you anymore.}
{136}{}{My daddy's dead. Why didn't you save him?}

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