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The scavenger's jetty is an unmarked location in the Capital Wasteland. It is south of Wilhelm's Wharf and west of the Anchorage Memorial.


It is a dock which contains the home of a scavenger. This makeshift home consists of an upside down boat leaning against a tree with a bed and a footlocker under the boat.


  • The scavenger can sit down on the dock, but the player can't, as it is an non-player character animation.
  • After the Lone Wanderer completes the quest Those!, a leveled super mutant fighting 4 mole rats will appear nearby and may attack the scavenger.
  • This specific scavenger is generic in-game, but identified as "Potomac fisherman" in the GECK.


The scavenger's jetty appears only in Fallout 3 as an unmarked location.


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