Scabbard is a mentioned-only member of the Brotherhood of Steel in 2287.


It is unknown who Scabbard is or what he does, however Danse's terminal entries in the Cambridge Police Station mention him as the person to contact through long-range communication should there be unusual activity. Recon Squad Gladius attempted to contact Scabbard after Haylen discovered the Institute's energy readings.

In addition, should the Sole Survivor side with the Railroad and assault the police station, while flying the Claymore during Rockets' Red Glare, Deacon will engage in conversation over the radio with Scabbard, being given clearance to board the Prydwen.[1] Whether Scabbard is a codename or his real name is unknown.


Scabbard appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Deacon: "Scabbard, this is Claymore. Requesting clearance."
    Scabbard: "Claymore, you're cleared for launch bay 3. Deck officer is requesting an update on the police station.""
    Deacon: "Uh... Hostiles eliminated.
    Scabbard: "Scimitar's status? Confirm."
    Deacon: "Scimitar took some fire. Should be up and running in a few hours."
    Scabbard: "We have a visual on you, Claymore. Your docking port's not open.
    Deacon: "Got some technical difficulties. With the port thingy. Working on it. Tom?"
    Tinker Tom: "Which button is it? Uh. There."
    Scabbard: "Claymore. You're clear for approach."

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