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This page is about the Fallout 4 quest. For the location, see Sanctuary Hills.

Sanctuary is a side quest and an achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Minutemen side quest: Sanctuary
Talk to Sturges.
Build five beds.
Talk to Sturges.
Build five beds.
Talk to Sturges.
Build a water pump or a water purifier to provide water for the settlement.
Talk to Sturges.
Plant crops and assign a settler to tend to them.
Talk to Sturges.
Build settlement defenses.
Report back to Sturges.
Reward: 150+ XP

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Upon returning to Sanctuary Hills during When Freedom Calls, Preston Garvey will ask you to talk to Sturges about improving the settlement. If you have already scrapped the area of Sanctuary Hills, you should have enough material to complete the first step: building five beds. Just enter one of the houses, clear rooms of debris and build beds using the workshop-interface.

Upon completion talk again to Sturges. He will ask you to build a water supply. You may build a water purifier along with a suitable power generator or two water pumps. After building one of these options, you may talk again to Sturges who asks you to ensure food supply. Behind the house where the workbench is located you may find two melon-plants. Harvesting these will give you a start, as you can use them to plant another two plants. Assigning settlers to harvest these plants will progress this objective even further. You may also buy carrots or other plants from a nearby vendor, or head to Tenpines Bluff where you can find many tato plants ready to be harvested; the same is true of Abernathy farm, just a short distance to the south.

You will either see the Workbench interface or quest tracker if your objective is near completion. Finally, upon talking with Sturges, he asks you to build up some defenses. If you have some circuitry e.g. by telephones or military-grade circuit boards, you may build machinegun turrets which easily fulfills this task. You may also build watch posts. Please take note that watch posts have to be manned in order to count as defenses (assign a settler to a watch post in order to "activate" the post).

After you have gathered enough defense and talked to Sturges, this mission is complete.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
20 Go to Sanctuary
220 Player joins Minutemen - Trigger The First Step
230 Talk to SturgesI've agreed to help the people in Sanctuary establish a permanent settlement.
1000 Provide beds for Sanctuary settlers
1010 Talk to Sturges
1200 Provide water for Sanctuary settlers
1210 Talk to Sturges
1300 Build food for Sanctuary settlers
1310 Talk to Sturges
1400 Build defenses for Sanctuary
1410 Talk to Sturges
1500Quest finishedIcon checkQuest completeSanctuary is well on its way to becoming a thriving settlement.


  • All elements of this quest can be completed before the quest has been started, but Sturges must be spoken to at each stage in order to progress the quest.
  • This quest essentially serves as the game's tutorial for settlement building, though it is missing some significant portions, such as electricity.


xboxoneIcon xboxone The quest may stop at a certain point making it impossible to complete.[verification overdue]