Sam Brent was in charge of security at the ArcJet Systems in 2077.


Following ArcJet acquiring contracts for the USSA's Mars Shot Project in 2075, Brent aided in maintaining security for ArcJet's labs. This included handing out identification badges as they installed automated turrets, requiring monthly password changes for all terminals and the mainframe, and installing a safe at the reception desk for money and temporarily storing valuables. In February 2077, a member of the press was able to sneak past Brent's security before a major press event and was accidentally incinerated during a test fire of ArcJet's XMB booster engine. With CEO Reinhardt ordering him to cover the incident up, Brent disposed of the victim's ashes and pulled all of February's security footage. When Dr. McClellan, head of the XMB booster engine, questioned why the press event was cancelled, all Brent would say is that there was a security breach.[1]


Sam Brent is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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