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Sam Blackwell was a U.S. Senator (ID #778232)[1] representing Appalachia before the Great War.


Sam Blackwell was elected to at least two terms in the U.S. Senate by West Virginia due to his popularity as a union activist on behalf of the coal miners of Appalachia; he once won re-election with 73% of the popular vote. The only black mark on his record as a senator was his vocal and persistent support for the Free States, a group of survivalists with a separatist streak who often clashed with the police. He left politics and went into hiding with his daughter, Judith, in a concealed bunker shortly before the Great War after learning of the existence of the Enclave. He later invited Charleston Herald reporter Quinn Carter to interview him in order to spread awareness of the Enclave's insidious conspiracy.[2]


Sam Blackwell is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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