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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Salieri, hardware salesman and Pit organizer on the Docks of Los holding pens..

Los holding pens entranceEdit


Begone you drug-addled ruffians - Oh... you are a real customer! My greatest apologies! I am Salieri. Please, let us conduct our business.

Yeah, let's trade.
Wait a second... haven't I seen you somewhere before?
No thanks. I'll just go play with the drug-addled ruffians instead.
Your brother wanted me to deliver this package to you.
Uh, maybe later. Bye.

Ah, you must mean my brother, Hieronymous, who runs a similar store on the bridge. Perhaps you would aid me by bringing this package to him? I'm sure he would be grateful for the safe delivery of this unremarkable parcel.

Sure. But first, I'm here to trade.
Great, now I'm a mail carrier. I'm on my way.
Hmm, this package has no markings... I believe that it is not meant for me, but for my brother in the city.
I'm positive it's for you. Go on. Take it.
All right... if you don't want it. How about some regular trading then?
You think so? Maybe I'll bring it to him instead. Bye.

The package you delivered has detonated as planned, removing my troublesome and competitive brother. The loss of a family member is tragic... but the increase in business is spectacular! Now, for you, a special discount!

Well, in that case, let's trade.
Good to know that family values are still alive and well. Have a nice day.

Idiot! You have delivered the package to the wrong shop, and it has detonated... killing my other brother! Let us never speak of this again!

Fine. I'm done being your errand-runner anyway. Let's trade.
Speak of what? I'm outta here.

Ah, hello again! News of your violent exploits has reached my putrescent ears... May I interest a dim-witted barbarian such as yourself in some sport?

Not interested. Let's trade.
Sport, huh? What kind of sport?
I've got something better. A package from your brother on the docks.
No... I'd better be going.

A simple physical contest. The winner gains many bottle caps. The loser is given a burial unfit for a rabid dog. Perhaps you are interested?

Forget it. Let's trade.
I could use a light workout.
No... I'd better be going.

Ah, you will take part in some hideous massacre! Excellent! Come with me.

Maybe I'd better shop for some things before the massacre.
Lead on, my disgusting friend.
I changed my mind... I'm allergic to massacres. Bye.

Despite my low estimation of your talents, you have survived the battle. Here is your blood-spattered reward. Perhaps you require a greater challenge?

Maybe later. Right now I'm interested in getting some supplies.
Sure. This time I want a real challenge.
Thanks for the "sport", but I've got a mission to complete. Let's go back.

Here is your prize money, my bloodthirsty friend. Unfortunately, we must discontinue further games due to a lack of suitable contestants.

Guess I'll have to look for enemies the old-fashioned way. Take me back.