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Salem is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Salem was previously a quaint coastal town and seaport, as well as a tourist destination infamous for the witch trials of 1692. After the Great War the town's ruins became a small settlement, however by 2287 the population has dwindled considerably due to Gunner activity in the area, the Church of the Children of Atom worshipping a radioactive crater house down the road, and the large number of mating mirelurks in the waters all around the bay. Even though most of the original residents are now long gone the sole living resident, Barney Rook, leader of the Salem Volunteer Militia, continues to strive to keep order in town.

Andrew Endicott was abducted from Salem by aliens in 1697.[1]


Most of Salem's buildings are in ruins but a couple of them are still points of interest :

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After completing the Gun Run quest for Barney Rook, the turrets will be hostile against vertibirds called in by the Sole Survivor.


Salem is first mentioned in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta. It later appears in Fallout 4, as a location the player character can visit. In Fallout Shelter, it is mentioned only as a question in the weekly quest Game Show Gauntlet.

Behind the scenesEdit

Salem is based on the real-life town of Salem, Massachusetts. The in-game Salem is situated in the location of the real-life town Marblehead, Massachusetts, located two miles south-east of the real Salem.



  1. Alien captive recorded log 1: "On the night of May 17th, the year of our Lord 1697, I was...I was taken. From my home in Salem Village"