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Saint Monica's Church
Saint Monica's Church
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Rivet City loc
part ofRivet City
ownersFather Clifford and Diego
questsThe Replicated Man
A Nice Day for a Right Wedding
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She is the patron saint of lost children. Very popular among the faithful of Rivet City. I`m surprised you've never heard of her. If you want to hear her story, it will be the topic of my sermon on Sunday. Services begin at 8 am. You should come.

Father Clifford

Saint Monica's Church is a Christian Church in Rivet City, run by Father Clifford and his acolyte Diego. The church is Catholic and one of the few Christian churches that can be found in the wasteland due to the religion being forgotten after the war.


Father Clifford tells the story of Saint Monica as follows:

Today we hear the story of Saint Monica. She was born in Great Lanta on the shores of the ocean. Her parents were both ghouls. That's right; I said ghouls. That she was conceived at all was a miracle. That she was born unafflicted was an even greater miracle. God tested Saint Monica. She did not lead an easy life. Sold into slavery by raiders, she was forced to sell her body. They took her only son, Ehran, from her and sold him. She prayed every night to God for his safety. She did not pray for herself, although her burden was great. Each night she would preach the word of God to the slavers. After sixteen years, God provided a miracle. One of the slavers repented his wicked ways and helped her to escape. Four years she looked for Ehran. Four years she wandered the wasteland. God looked over her in those years. When she found her son, she found he was a wicked man. Ehran had overthrown his masters and taken their place. He was an owner of men. Ehran took his mother to be his slave, even knowing who she was, for Ehran blamed her for his painful early life. Each day Ehran would think of a new and wicked trial to put her through. She would only smile at him and say, 'I forgive you.' Each morning she would be miraculously healed as if nothing had happened. When Ehran truly realized her love and God's love was boundless, he flung himself at her feet and begged for Saint Monica's forgiveness. Ehran released all of his slaves, and they rejoiced. He repented all his wicked ways


It is composed of several benches and a podium where Father Clifford preaches. There is also Father Clifford's room, but it is locked, as he lives there.

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  • Father Clifford informs the Lone Wanderer that Saint Monica is the patron saint of lost children, and this is a major focus of Clifford's theology.
  • If the Lone Wanderer is caught attempting to break into the donation box Father Clifford and Diego will become hostile towards him/her.
  • If the Lone Wanderer tells Father Clifford that Diego has been sleeping with Angela Staley and then listens to their conversation, Clifford will tell Diego that he is going to Purgatory, a place in which the souls of the dead are purified before going to heaven, which has traditionally been a teaching of the Catholic Church.
  • This is one of 2 locations where you can donate caps to gain good Karma quickly. Father Clifford only accepts donations in lots of 100 bottle caps (for 100 Karma).
  • Although there is a donation box, Father Clifford holds donated caps on his person, and therefore they can be stolen back at the (disproportionate) Karma loss of a single instance of stealing, compared to the 100 Karma per 100 bottle caps donated, you can still donate if your Karma is already positive 1000.
  • Non-player characters are scripted to come to this church every Sunday morning to hear Father Clifford's sermon.
  • Angela and Diego will be married here if the Lone Wanderer convinces Diego to do so.


Saint Monica's Church appears only in Fallout 3.

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