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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gomez (Fallout: New Vegas).

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Happy 10 How can I help you? 1
vSafehouseSafehouseNCRRangerTopic000 Why are you here? Happy 10 I'm here to dust off the cobwebs, make sure everything is working, that sort of thing. 2
Happy 10 Sometimes it can be a while between visits by rangers so it's good to have someone around to keep the lights on for them. 3
Happy 10 I also bring ammo supplies with me for any rangers who may be running low. If you need any feel free to ask. 4
vSafehouseSafehouseNCRRangerTopic001 I could use some ammo. Happy 10 Certainly, which type of ammo would you like? 5
vSafehouseSafehouseNCRRangerTopic002 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Later. 6
vSafehouseSafehouseNCRRangerTopic003 Are you always here? Happy 10 My duties tend to take me elsewhere, but I try to be here at least a few days out of the week. 7
vSafehouseSafehouseNCRRangerTopic004 Regular Gun Ammo. Neutral 50 Here you go. 8
vSafehouseSafehouseNCRRangerTopic006 Energy Weapon Ammo. Neutral 50 Here you go. 9
vSafehouseSafehouseNCRRangerTopic015 Explosives Neutral 50 Here you go. 10
vSafehouseSafehouseNCRRangerTopic016 I've changed my mind. Neutral 50 Just let me know if you decide you want something. 11