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This is a transcript for dialogue with Doctor Luria.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Happy 30 May I help you? 1
vSafehouseSafehouseFollowersDoctorTopic000 Why are you here? Happy 30 I like to check up on things from time to time. I can't let this place fall apart, now can I? 2
Happy 30 Since you're here, I can offer you some medical supplies. I can't give you everything I have but I can give you a few things. 3
vSafehouseSafehouseFollowersDoctorTopic001 I could use some stims. Happy 10 I can give you stims or radiation supplies, which would you prefer? 4
vSafehouseSafehouseFollowersDoctorTopic002 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Bye. 5
vSafehouseSafehouseFollowersDoctorTopic003 Are you always here? Happy 20 I'm usually here a few days out of the week. Mostly to keep the fridge stocked. Plus it's nice to get away from it all every now and then. 6
vSafehouseSafehouseFollowersDoctorTopic004 Regular stims. Happy 30 Here you go. 7
vSafehouseSafehouseFollowersDoctorTopic005 Super stims. Happy 30 Here you go. 8
vSafehouseSafehouseFollowersDoctorTopic006 Actually, nevermind. Happy 10 Okay, I'll have them here for you if you want them. 9
vSafehouseSafehouseFollowersDoctorTopic007 Radiation supplies. Happy 30 Here you go. 10

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