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Safe room security tape is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.




Franny: Hey! Hands where I can see them! Now, where is the key?
Captain Arnold Wabash: Franny, put the gun down. What exactly do you think you're going to accomplish?
Franny: My job. You're going to give me that key and I'm going to get paid.
Captain Arnold Wabash: Paid? The world's over. Are you really-- AH! Ah! Ah!
Franny: Scream all you want, Arnie. Everyone's been evacuated. It's just you and me. Now, focus. Where is the key?
Captain Arnold Wabash: Rot in hell... AH!
Franny: We can do this all day, Arnie.
Captain Arnold Wabash: Fine. The hell's it matter? It's on the boat. Fringe Cove Docks. Combination's forty-four, six, seventy-five, twelve.
Franny: Now was that so hard?
Franny: So long, Captain. Now, where the hell's the release for this do--
Captain Arnold Wabash: Sorry, Franny. You're stuck... with me.

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