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Safari Adventure reptile house terminal entries are entries found on one terminal within the Safari Adventure reptile house in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Reptile House tour guide terminalEdit


Safari Adventure Reptile House
Reptile House Tour Guides Only!


Emergency ProceduresEdit


Emergency Procedures

In the event that a visitor has been bitten or stung by any one of our specimens, don't panic and follow these procedures:

1. Confirm that the visitor has a valid park admission ticket with the liability release printed on the back.

2. If they have a valid park admission, they must immediately fill out a Safari Adventure Incident Report. The reports are available in Nuka-Town USA at the main office. If the visitor is paralyzed or otherwise unable to move on their own, inform them that a Nuka-World Emergency Stretcher can be dispatched for four hundred dollars.

3. Once the Safari Adventure Incident Report has been completed, first aid will be provided. Cost of materials and paramedic's fee for labor will be billed to the visitor.

4. If the visitor does not have a valid park admission, please call security as soon as possible.

Reptile Reminder #0787Edit


Reptile Reminder #0787

Due to recent incidents, the Death Adder, the Black Mamba and the Inland Taipan specimens have been removed from the Lil' Kid's Reptile Petting Zone. In the future, employees are strongly encouraged to read the warnings on our enclosures before transferring specimens.

Reptile Reminder #0792Edit


Reptile Reminder #0792

Guides, please refrain from telling visitors that snake eggs should make "a heck of a delicious omelet." This fact is wildly incorrect.

Reptile Reminder #0881Edit


Reptile Reminder #0881

Due to recent security issues involving the group calling itself "A.F.A.D.," please do not allow any visitors to hold a specimen that's been removed from its enclosure for Reptile Touch Time. Guides must hold the specimen during the entire experience. We've already lost three very expensive reptiles to this misguided animal rights group, and we cannot allow them to steal any more.