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The Sacking of New Canaan was the destruction of the city of New Canaan undertaken by the White Legs in 2281.


Caesar had become increasingly paranoid about Joshua Graham being alive. He decided to send the White Legs tribe who viewed him as a god to wipe out all of the New Canaanites and Mormons. The White Legs had been consistently mithering Caesar to be assimilated into the Legion. Therefore, Caesar promised to absorb them if they were successful.


The White Legs attacked the city at night-time, and razed most structures to the ground. Many atrocities were committed, as even unarmed individuals were slaughtered, and children were even beaten to death in their sleep. After the battle, Salt-Upon-Wounds nailed New Canaan's dead to the surrounding cliffs. The White Legs then began to salt all of the ground surrounding the city in order to prevent plant life and crops from ever growing again in the vicinity.


There were around thirty people who survived the attack, including Daniel and his family, and Joshua Graham. Regrouping along the Colorado River, they set out to rebuild elsewhere, and went on a journey to Zion Canyon, setting the stones for the War for Zion.


The Sacking of New Canaan is mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.