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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Skippy, a notable Fool in the Fallout demo


{100}{}{You see Skippy.}
{101}{}{You see a ganger.}
{102}{}{He is tossing what looks like an exotic knife up in the air.}
{105}{}{[Tossing a set of blades near your face] Watch out, you clod. You might get hurt, and then I would have to laugh.}
{106}{}{You watch it, those things look sharp.}
{107}{}{Give those things to me before you hurt someone!}
{108}{}{What are you tossing around, anyways?}
{109}{}{They are sharp, indeed they are sharper than your wit.}
{110}{}{Are you challenging me?}
{111}{}{Ouch, but I suppose I deserved that.}
{112}{}{Me? Challenge you? Oh, the very thought makes me chuckle. No, we Fools do not partake in the code duello. It is not our style. Let us show you how we treat outsiders.}
{113}{}{Indeed, you did. What can I do for you?}
{114}{}{What are those things?}
{115}{}{What they are is mine, what they will not be is yours. Beyond that, these cutters are a heirloom from my poor departed father. You might say he got a little caught up in them before he died! [Skippy laughs.]}
{116}{}{You're silly. Can I borrow them?}
{117}{}{Well, since you asked nicely - okay. [He hands you the cutters.] Now, begone, for I must seek a new toy to pass the time.}
{118}{}{I think not, at least not handle-first. You shall weep blood, or at least cry with laughter and pain when I am done with you.}
{119}{}{We don't like your kind here. Leave or you'll get it in the end.}
{120}{}{Well, if it isn't the latest Fool. A good sense of humor, at the very least. Perhaps some fine motor skills. We'll see. Play nice.}
{121}{}{You are a lucky fellow, my friend. This day is the day I will let you live. Unless, of course, you annoy me too much. Then I will have to use my best corpse jokes.}
{122}{}{Never steal from a Fool, fool.}
{123}{}{You've already gotten the cutters from Skippy. Quit while you're ahead.}
{124}{}{You manage to steal the cutters while he isn't watching.}
{125}{}{You insult us, and our Queen's honor. Some insults can only be paid in blood.}
{126}{}{You shall die scum!}
{127}{}{Is that your face, or did your neck throw up?}
{128}{}{You mother had to tie a steak around you so the dog would play with you}
{129}{}{The only thing stupider than you is Rayze.}
{130}{}{I guess afterbirth can live a little while.}