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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Sid, Beth's bodyguard in Hub Downtown


{100}{}{You see Sid, Beth's assistant.}
{101}{}{Good morning.}
{102}{}{Afternoon, sir!}
{103}{}{Afternoon, ma'am!}
{104}{}{Good Evening.}
{105}{}{I know, I know . . . [whisper] she talks an awful lot doesn't she.}
{106}{}{Welcome to Beth's Weapon Shop & Rumor Mill.}
{107}{}{Beth, someone's here to see you.}
{108}{}{Welcome to Beth's Palace of Pleasure.}
{109}{}{Do you come bearing gifts?}
{110}{}{[whisper] Don't tell her anything you don't want the whole city to know.}
{112}{}{Free weapons! Come and get them!}
{113}{}{Blue light special on aisle three.}
{114}{}{She's mine, don't even think of it!}
{115}{}{She likes playing hard to get.}
{116}{}{Breakfast Break.}
{117}{}{Lunch break!}
{118}{}{Good Evening.}
{119}{}{Nice blue suit, heh. 13 your lucky number?}
{120}{}{Oh, it's mysterious man!}
{121}{}{Oh, it's a mysterious woman!}
{122}{}{Do you read palms?}
{123}{}{Oh, Beth just loves leather!}
{124}{}{Hey honey, buy his leather jacket for me.}
{125}{}{Hey honey, buy her leather jacket for me.}
{126}{}{Nice spikey armor!}
{127}{}{It's camouflage, you blend so well]]. Wait! Where'd you go?}
{128}{}{Hey that is one sharp looking outfit.}
{129}{}{Am not!}
{130}{}{Hey! It's the metal can! How are you doing?}

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