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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Message box for computer that is barely functional in Vault 12.


{100}{}{You see a dim glowing computer.}
{101}{}{There is a trickle of power coming in. Most of the power seems to have been routed to maintain the few systems which are still semi-functioning.}
{102}{}{You notice nothing unusual.}
{103}{}{This computer is making a weird humming noise.}
{104}{}{A monitor connected to this computer is printing the word 'System failure.' over and over.}
{105}{}{This computer appears to have been attacked by a ghoul.}
{106}{}{Lights are flashing on this computer but it seems random to you.}
{107}{}{This computer gives you a harmless shock when you touch it.}
{108}{}{Upon inspection you notice that this computer has been used as a home by rats.}
{109}{}{Random numbers are printing across a screen connected to this system.}
{110}{}{This computer is making the worst noise you have ever heard. The word 'Jared' is displayed on the monitor.}
{111}{}{Half of this computer is black and charred from an old fire.}