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For the SCAV! perk, see SCAV! (perk).
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SCAV! is a magazine in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


SCAV magazines have the appearance of black and white comic books. Each issue that is collected adds its own SCAV! perk, ranging from damage modifiers to speech and SPECIAL boosts.

Magazine issuesEdit

There are 5 issues in total.

Issue # Name Perk Location Specific BaseID
#1 The Terrible Truce Increases speech challenge success chance by 10% Galactic Zone Behind Starport Nuka, on a brown crate near a campfire and sleeping mats, right next to an explosives box. xx02a9f3
#2 Fear the Knife King +25% Combat Knife and Switchblade damage. Nuka-World junkyard In a barn on the outskirts of the junkyard. On the top floor of the barn, sitting on a desk, next to a safe and an attacking animatronic alien. xx02a9f4
#3 Mutant Fists of Stephie Knuckles +10% hand to hand weapon damage. Kiddie Kingdom Fun House. From the room with the rotating bottles, head into the maze with green rotating tunnels to the end of the hall and take a right. Once through that tunnel (hit a wall), take a left and continue until you walk through another tunnel and hit a wall. Look around to find a caps stash, dead raider and the magazine. xx02a9f5
#4 Nuka Brahmin Stampede! +5% explosives damage. Grandchester Mystery Mansion In the attic on a box. xx02a9f6
#5 That No-Caps Rage +1 Strength & +1 Endurance if you have <= 10,000 caps.
+2 Strength & +2 Endurance if you have <= 1,000 caps.
+3 Strength & +3 Endurance if you have <= 100 caps.
Dry Rock Gulch Dry Rock Gulch employee area, on a roof. Access it from the theater (inside, hop over the eastern wall) or once you have restored the power access it through a door in the wall (door is in the eastern wall on the outside of Dry Rock Gulch behind a hedge.) xx02a9f7



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