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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Sarah, girlfriend of Flip, a super mutant at the Mariposa Military Base


{100}{}{Oh, my god! You killed him!}
{102}{}{Tough luck.}
{103}{}{He was my enemy. I had to kill him.}
{104}{}{I'm sorry. I didn't know that he was so close to you.}
{105}{}{You didn't have to kill him! Sarah sobs. Leave me alone.}
{106}{}{He was my lover. He was my best friend. I can't believe that you did that to him.}
{107}{}{Again, I apologize. How could I tell that he meant so much to you? Look at him. He's a mutant.}
{108}{}{I'm going to kill all of his kind.}
{109}{}{He was a human being. The only way he could survive was by being dipped. You killed him.}
{111}{}{Oh, well. At least it's one guy for my kill counter.}
{113}{}{What are you doing out of your protective cell?}
{115}{}{Walking around.}
{116}{}{I'm not a prisoner here.}
{117}{}{No thanks, I already have a boyfriend.}
{118}{}{You should be in your cell. The guards are keeping us here for our protection. The robots have been programmed to attack unescorted normals. Once I've been dipped, I'll be able to spend time helping the Unity.}
{119}{}{Yeah, okay. Whatever. Have fun.}
{120}{}{You want to do that?}
{121}{}{Of course, it's the best chance humanity has to survive.}
{122}{}{Wow! I think you could get into a lot of trouble. Please don't hang out near me.}
{123}{}{Can you excuse us, we're talking here!}