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S1-14 was an escaped Gen 3 Institute synth in 2287.


Gone completely rogue with no memories of the Institute or the fact it was a synth, the unit had been wandering the Commonwealth for months, until a Courser finally stumbled upon it completely by accident in grid J-12. Alana Secord ordered the Courser to bring the unit back for reset.[1]


S1-14 is only mentioned in Fallout 4.


  1. DialogueInstituteSRBScene5 - Institute scientist: "Doctor Secord, I've just been informed that a Courser in grid J-twelve has stumbled across a rogue synth completely by accident."
    Alana Secord: "What model?"
    Institute scientist: " A gen-3, designation S1-14. The report indicates that it has no memory of the Institute or that it is a synth."
    Alana Secord: "That unit's been missing for months."
    Institute scientist: "Seeing as how this was not the initial target, how should we proceed?"
    Alana Secord: "Bring it back here for reset. We'll send the Courser back out immediately after."

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