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In my time in the Brotherhood, I have personally trained more than fifty initiates and I am proud to say, almost fourteen of them are still alive and kicking! ...— Excerpt from Ryczek's training drill speech

Paladin Ryczek[1] (nicknamed Sarge, short for Sergeant) is the head of the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel training division in 2197.


He was one of the original rebellious young paladins who disagreed with the Brotherhood of Steel's ways, and wanted to bring Brotherhood technology to the outside world.

During or after the crash, he lost his left eye. One can see on some renders he later has a scar below his right eye.


  • His name is mentioned in-game only once, when he introduces himself to the recruits.
  • In early renders, he has a different physionomy, though his features (scar and damaged left eye) indicate that he is intended to be the same person.


Ryczek appears only in the Fallout Tactics intro and almost all renders featuring recruit training, but not within the game itself.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ryczek translated from Polish means "screamer".[2]



  1. Note that the spelling is conjectural, as it is not spelled out anywhere in the game itself.
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