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For the other rum product, see Roentgen rum.

Rum is an alcoholic beverage featured in Fallout 4.


A bottle of rum under the brand of Rooster's. It increases physical strength, but reduces the consumer's intellectual power.


  • In the basement refrigerator of the Cabot House.
  • On the Prydwen, in the briefing room.
  • In the basement of the D.B. Technical High School.
  • Off the cliff south of Fort Strong, floating in a cardboard box with a teddy bear.
  • At an unmarked, demolished swamp town south of Gunners plaza, floating in a cardboard box with a 2 teddy bears. Box is inside the ruins of a house with a red dog house next to it and just east of a house with green siding with the rear wall missing. Warning: 2 or 3 yao guai may be present at this green-sided house.
  • Inside Joe's Spuckies near Postal Square.
  • Behind a book shelf in the Croup Manor basement.
  • On a boat just north of Pickman Gallery to the west of a yellow shipping container, in a cardboard box with a teddy bear near the umbrella.

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