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The ruined radio tower is a location on The Island in 2287.


The tower was inhabited by an unnamed man who, after some toil, managed to wire his radio into the tower and listen to Diamond City Radio. Unfortunately, he was killed by wolves that were attracted by the sounds shortly after.


The location consists of a small single-room operator shack at the bottom of the actual transmitter tower, supplemented on the outside by a parasol table near the door and an Advanced locked safe. The shack itself contains the tower's control equipment, but more importantly it provides a sleeping bag, a cooking station and assorted aid items, like food and beverages.

Notable lootEdit


  • This location is the only explanation for Diamond City Radio being available on the Island.
  • There are a couple of trees with buckets to harvest raw sap within the vicinity.
  • There is a skeleton near the trailer with bobby pins next to it.


The ruined radio tower appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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