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A pair of sturdy rubber work boots. They'll keep the sludge out, at least for a while.

— In-game description

Rubber boots are miscellaneous items in Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics and Van Buren.


With these old wading boots, you can walk on puddles of toxic waste safely until they melt.

They do nothing to insulate you from electrically charged floors however.


  • Two pairs of boots can be found in Trapper Town in Klamath.
  • Another pair can be found in a locker in the caves themselves.
  • Smiley also has a pair if you wish to steal them, but you should let him keep them since you'll be taking him out of the caves.
  • Another pair can be dug up from the Den's graveyard.
  • Another pair can be found in the dresser, near the center of the south wall of the New Reno Arms basement.


The boots help greatly in the toxic caves, where puddles of waste are plentiful.


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