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This page is about the roving trader outfits as it appears in Fallout: New Vegas. For the roving trader outfit as it appears in Fallout 3, see Roving trader outfit.

The roving trader outfit and hat are pieces of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas that can be worn to increase your Barter skill.



This item is especially useful during Barter speech checks as it gives a +5 Barter when equipped on the Courier. It provides no Damage Threshold and can be repaired with other roving trader outfits, wasteland outfits, and many others if you have the Jury Rigging perk. It is identical in appearance to the Fallout 3 version.


The roving trader hat also provides no Damage Threshold, but gives +5 to Barter and can only be repaired with other roving trader hats or headwear with Jury Rigging.


Contrary to what the name implies, they are not worn by the traveling merchants found throughout the wasteland. The complete set, both hat and outfit, are worn by Malcolm Holmes, arms merchant and the Crimson Caravan Company trader often located outside of Camp McCarran.




  • It provides no damage threshold and thus cannot be repaired by non-player characters, so the only way to repair it is with use of other clothing.