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The rollers are a set of constructible settlement objects in the Fallout 4 add-on Contraptions Workshop.


The rollers are unpowered conveyor rollers that can be used in conjunction with conveyor belts and other objects under the manufacturing category in the workshop to form conveyor systems. Primary there are three variants: straight, sloped and curved. The curved variant also has sub-variants, one with and one without legs, but the straight and sloped variants do not have this option.


Gears (4)
Steel (8)
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Rollers (1)


  • Almost all objects will struggle to cross a single set of horizontal rollers even with additional momentum applied beforehand.
  • Small and awkwardly shaped objects also struggle to transverse the curved roller, often getting stuck on inner and outer curves. This can result in a conveyor system jamming at these points without manual intervention.

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