Robotics Expert

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Robotics Expert
Robotics Expert
Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas
requirementsLevel 12
Science 50
effects+25% damage to robots and ability to shutdown robots if sneaking up on them
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With the Robotics Expert perk, you do an additional 25% damage to any robot. Also, sneaking up on a hostile robot undetected and activating it will put that robot into a permanent shutdown state.

— in-game description

Robotics Expert is a Fallout 3 and a Fallout: New Vegas perk.


Grants an extra 25% damage dealt to robots. Also, entering sneak mode and activating a robot permanently shuts it down.


  • Deactivating a robot awards 10 exp points (Fallout: New Vegas only).
  • A deactivated robot cannot be targeted in V.A.T.S. However, the unit can still take damage, and destroying one will give the same experience and loot as normal. Every attack on a deactivated robot while sneaking will register as a "sneak attack critical," regardless of the player's location or level.
  • Making contact with a deactivated robot while sneaking may still alert other robots in the vicinity to the player's presence, just as if the robot were fully active.
  • You cannot disable a robot who only goes unconscious.
  • When you are given the option to disable a sentry bot, it also gives the option to "talk" to the robot, as if you were interacting with a friendly robot, such as Wadsworth. However, you cannot engage the robot in conversation.
  • For deactivating a robot using the perk, it is sufficient to be crouched and behind it. As opposed to the perk's description, it is not necessary to be [HIDDEN], i.e. close up and unnoticed. You can in fact charge a hostile robot, crouch, circle strafe and disable it while it is circling about weapons blazing.
  • Automated turrets are scripted as robots and can be disabled with this perk. While in many cases they are out of reach, ceiling-mounted turrets can be disabled if the player is able to reach them by jumping while crouched.
  • When sneaking up on a robot with this perk, if "talk" is selected, it talks to you and does not attack you. (e.g. A sentry bot, when the talk selection is selected, it will say "Do not interfere with security operations.")
  • Sergeant RL-3 can be disabled with this perk.
  • Deactivating a robot will not cause any of its allies in the vicinity to turn hostile.
  • Big MT Protectrons often can not be disabled. An example is Mk6 protectrons in Big MT West Tunnels at high levels.

Robots that can be disabledEdit

Additional dialogueEdit

Additional dialogue options are unlocked with certain robots with this perk. These often bypass Speech checks:

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