Trespasser screen

RobCo Trespasser Management System on the UOS.

RobCo Termlink is the firmware BIOS that is run when a terminal is started. Its main task is to connect to the mainframe and initialize the operating system.


BIOS is an acronym, short for "Basic Input/Output System". Since it is both an extremely simple and low-level computer utility, it is also a very powerful one that allows a user to bypass more complex systems and (in this case) their associated security protocols.

According to RobCo Termlink, the boot agent was copyrighted by RobCo Ind. in 2201 and expired in 2203. This is improbable, due to the fact that RobCo Industries or any sort of legal system necessary to patent something did not exist 124 years after the Great War.

Error codesEdit

Like any BIOS, RobCo Termlink mainly communicates by error codes.

Image Code Message attached Purpose Place where a terminal shows it
Network connection not found terminal error 0x03C663A1 Network connection not found

Dummy terminal inactive

The BIOS could not find the network link. fo3Gametitle-FO3 1 in Rivet City's midship deck, common room
fnvGametitle-FNV 1 in a Camp Golf tent, Camp McCarran tent, Securitron vault and Tops 13th floor (room Yes-Man)
Primary source unavailable terminal error 0x0AABFF00 Primary power source unavailable

Check all cords and plugs for connection

Power cord / power supply unit failure. 2 in the weather monitoring station
2 in Allied Technologies offices
1 in the visitors center
1 in Las Vegas Boulevard Station
1 in the House Resort
Bad data cannot read terminal error 0x07F6BAAC Bad data. Cannot read A fatal error due to a

memory / network / storage failure.

fo3Gametitle-FO3 1 in the Evergreen Mills foundry
fnvGametitle-FNV 11 in Vault 3 living quarters
No input device terminal error 0x00B636C6 No input device found

Connect a keyboard

The BIOS could not find the keyboard. fo3Gametitle-FO3 1 in Fort Independence's lower level and 1 in Evergreen Mills foundry
fnvGametitle-FNV 2 in Vault 3's living quarters
Processor corrupt terminal error 0xFFFFF710 Processor Corru;xsfkleg,,g364[735}3__. Corrupt processor. fo3Gametitle-FO3 1 in Fort Independence's main level
fnvGametitle-FNV1 in the Goodsprings schoolhouse
No data storage terminal error 0xF141A013 No Data Storage Detected.

Check Tape Drive Connection.

No storage device present fo3Gametitle-FO3 1 in the Megaton clinic
fnvGametitle-FNV 1 on Tops 13th floor (room Yes-Man)
Bad sector boot block terminal error 0x357C5001 Bad Sectors Found In Boot Block.

Terminal Error.

Bad sector 1 in the drainage chamber near broadcast tower KT8


The RobCo Termlink appears in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4.