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Welcome to the RobCo Facilities Robot Master Terminal! How may I assist you this fine day?

The RobCo Production Mainframe is a mainframe that appears in the RobCo facility in Fallout 3.


The RobCo Production Mainframe is part of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest, where Moira asks the Lone Wanderer to install a processor widget in the mainframe, and optionally also hacking it. Once the widget is installed in the mainframe, every robot in the facility will activate and become hostile. To hack the mainframe and complete the optional objective, a Science skill of at least 50 is needed. Once unlocked, the mainframe provides three toggle options to control the robots. The first ("Pest Extermination") protocol makes the robots hostile to the radroaches and mole rats. The second ("Total Liquidation"), active at start, makes them hostile to the Lone Wanderer and anyone who is friendly towards them. Finally, the third ("Stress Testing") protocol, makes them hostile to each other.


The RobCo Production Mainframe appears only in Fallout 3.

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