RobCo Fun is a magazine in Fallout 4.


Each issue of RobCo Fun collected adds a unique holotape to the Sole Survivor's inventory. When used, the holotape plays a game based on a retro video game. The holotapes can be used at any time, provided they are in the Survivor's inventory, and can be played on either their Pip-Boy or on any terminal. Additionally, the holotape can also be used on the Fallout Pip-Boy mobile app.


Holotape RobCo # Location Location Description Base ID Magazine ID
Red Menace Vault 111 Inside the cafeteria terminal, northeast area. No magazine, holotape only. 000e5082
Atomic Command #01 Museum of Freedom In the chamber above the front doors, where Preston is holed up, on Sturges' desk. 0006167b 00184da1
Pipfall #08 Fort Hagen Command Center - adjacent to Kellogg's terminal under a table, in the chamber where Kellogg is spoken to. 00072802 00184dc4
Zeta Invaders #07 Valentine Detective Agency On a desk, inside the Valentine’s Detective Agency located in Diamond City Market. 00072803 001c1418
Grognak & the Ruby Ruins #12 Goodneighbor In the Memory Den, in Amari's back room sitting on a cabinet in the distant corner. 000727fa 00184db2
fo4autGametitle-FO4 AUT Automatron Fort Hagen hangar Inside in the Rust Devil gaming terminal in a room with beds and generators. No magazine, holotape only. xx007b20
cutIcon cut Captain Cosmos in "Jangles' Big Day" #09 Didn't make it into the game. Only the holotape texture exists in the game files.


  • The RobCo Fun magazines' holotapes are an example of Mise en abyme, as the player is playing a game, within a game.
  • Each RobCo Fun holotape is a reference to a real-life video game of the late 1970s–mid 1980s:
  • Unlike most other magazines, RobCo Fun issues respawn and can be collected an indefinite amount of times.
  • All of the magazines can be found in locations the player character will be directed to in the main story.
  • The Pipfall magazine's cover character is wearing a "101" shirt underneath his jacket. This is a nod to Fallout 3, in which the Lone Wanderer grows up in Vault 101.
  • The comic name and the fact it has a game inside it is a reference to Amiga Fun, a comic that gave away free games much like RobCo Fun does.


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