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Gametitle-FO4 NW
Gametitle-FO4 NW

RobCo Battlezone terminal entries are entries found on four terminals within the RobCo Battlezone in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Robot diagnostics terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
RobCo Robot Diagnostics System

Connecting to robot...
...ERROR: Unable to establish a connection. Please ensure the robot is correctly seated on the Diagnostic Pad and retry.

Control room terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
RobCo Battlezone - Control Room

Remember to answer all internal communications in a timely manner!

Inbox: 101177Edit


From: C. F. Gainsborough, Head of Programming
To: All Staff

As you're all well aware, there was an unfortunate incident a few days ago involving an overworked Novatron exploding at the 3:00 matinee performance. Fortunately, the safety glass we had in place held back the fusion explosion, but the subsequent clean-up was costly and could have caused a loss of life. As the head of programming, I can't allow this to continue in good conscience. After speaking to our RobCo representatives, I've decided to cut down the number of shows from eight to six per day. Hopefully, this change will alleviate the strain these robots are under and allow us to continue presenting the best robotic entertainment possible.

Inbox: 090877Edit


From: H. Karrol, Head of Public Relations
To: All Staff

Recently, we've been receiving complaints from Nuka-World visitors regarding our Novatron and Galactron robotic performers. Namely, that these models of robot are extremely similar to RobCo's Protectron and Assaultron models, and they feel that we aren't bringing them the "spectacular feats of mechanized combat featuring never-before-seen RoCo prototypes" that we've advertised. I've spoken to our RobCo representatives, and we're all in agreement that we have no comment on the matter at this time. If you personally receive such a complaint, do NOT refund the ticket price, simply tell them to fill out a complaint form, and we'll mail them their refund in 12-18 weeks.

Inbox: 082377Edit


From: C. F. Gainsborough, Head of Programming
To: All Staff

We were all saddened by the sudden and rather violent loss of Tim Wittingstone, a technician who's been with us since the attraction opened in 2072. The official investigation by the Bradberton Police has determined the cause of death to be accidental, and has released the Battlezone and RobCo from liability. Please remember that our robotic performers are equipped with live ammunition and are using a modified form of their original combat A.I. to function in our arena. This means the performers are strictly off limits to all personnel unless a repair or maintenance has been authorized and the performer's power source has been completely removed. Thank you.


Two protectron terminals, located in the northern section of the zone.

> Protectron ControlEdit


Standard Protectron Control Interface v2.40

CAUTION: Unlicensed hardware connected to RobCo Protectron. Warranty rendered void. Improper tampering with Protectron units may lead to permanent injury.

STATUS: 3 Unit(s) Patrolling/Inactive/Busy
CONNECTED: 3 Unit(s) Connected to this terminal

Please choose an option:

Shut-Down Unit(s)Edit


...Accessing pod...
...Pinging Protectron Unit...
...Broadcasting shut-down signal...

Please ensure that Charge Pod is unobstructed

Choose Personality ModeEdit


[Subway Steward]
[Law Enforcement]
[Fire Brigadier]
[Medical Responder]
[Construction Worker]


Personality parameter reset.

> Resetting Personality Parameter...

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