RobCo's Worst Nightmare is an achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


Hack 50 terminals.

The terminal hacks must be performed with the same character in order to obtain the achievement.

Terminal locationsEdit

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Closest map marker Directions Difficulty
Back Street Apparel In the room behind the cash registers. 2 !Advanced
Bobbi's place 2nd Floor 2 !Advanced
Boston mayoral shelter 1st floor behind security gate, just before elevator. 1 !Novice
Boston mayoral shelter Upstairs on same level as bedrooms and bathrooms 4 !Master
Boston mayoral shelter The room ahead of the elevator 3 !Expert
D.B. Technical High School Upper floor, south-east classroom 1 !Novice
D.B. Technical High School Upper floor, up the first ramp from the front door. 1 !Novice
Fallon's department store Top floor 1 !Novice
Federal Ration Stockpile Near entrance/1st room 4 !Master
Jamaica Plain Town Hall Basement 3 !Expert
Jamaica Plain Town Hall Basement 1 !Novice
Listening Post Bravo Beside the elevator. 4 !Master
Museum of Freedom Basement 1 !Novice
Museum of Freedom 2nd floor
Sanctuary Hills In a house to the west. 1 !Novice
Shaw High School Left of entrance 1 !Novice
Suffolk County charter school Ahead and to the right from the entrance 1 !Novice
Sunshine Tidings Co-op In the central building. 1 !Novice
Tenpines Bluff East of Tenpines Bluff, down a cliff, and in the derailed train. 2 !Advanced
Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup Next to the utility protectron. 1 !Novice
Yangtze Lower floor, to the left of the entrance. 2 !Advanced