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Rivet City terminal entries can be found in various terminals in Fallout 3's Rivet City.

Security's terminalsEdit



For immediate release:

Due to the unfortunate demise of one of the security personal, we have an opening on the Rivet City Security Force. Qualified applicants must know how to fire a gun without shooting themselves in the ass. Furthermore, all applicants must be Rivet City citizens in good standing. The pay is free food. Anyone interested should see the Security Chief.

Security LogEdit


Security Log:
Two more reports of mirelurk noise from the bow section. There isn't a damn thing that can be done about it. As soon as we clean out one nest, another moves in. I just wish everyone would stop bitching about it.

Railing on the flight deck is still broken. Problem has been referred to the council.
Brock got in a fight with the Sister character. If it happens again, I'm going to have to kick Sister off the ship.
Caught James Hargrave stealing food at Gary's Galley. Tammy paid the fine, although she blistered my ears the whole time.

Clinic Patient DataEdit

Terminal found in the Rivet City clinic

Regional Health HazardsEdit


Aside from the standard dangers, Rivet City provides a few uncommon problems for long-time residents:

  • Lockjaw: Muscle spasms, especially of the jaw, from getting cuts on the rusty ship hull. Treatment with penicillin, when available.
  • Red-Lung: Respiratory problems from regularly inhaling rust particles - particularly a problem for hangar deck residents and shut-ins. Treat with steam therapy and time outside to flush system.
  • Fish poisoning: Less of a problem nowadays, but occasionally someone finds a fish in the river and is dumb enough to try to eat the thing. Radiation levels spike and mercury poisoning drives most victims crazy. No cure, but at least people nearby get a reminder not to do it.

Patient FilesEdit


Bannon: Still suffering from his "social problem". Keep on penicillin, and try to convince him to watch out in the future.
Brock: Another day, another broken nose. Rare to see him as a patient, but at least the people he "refers" are still alive. Barely.

Cantelli, Paulie: Treatment for the steady stream of his addictions would be a steady income, but I can't waste the resources on him if he's just going to get hooked again.
Holmes, Seagrave: Chronic case of red-lung from all his repairs below-decks. Prescribed a few hours of fresh air up top every night.
Staley, Gary: Exhaustion. The man really needs to take a rest at some point. But then again, who doesn't?
Trinnie: Surprisingly healthy, apart from the alcoholism and other chronic dangers of her line of work. Guess they grow them strong in Lamplight.

Abraham Washington's terminalEdit

Terminal found in the Abraham Washington's private quarters.

Declaration ExpeditionEdit


Recovery of the Declaration of Independence seems to be a loss. That damn woman I hired, Sydney, she said she could do it. Haven't seen her in months. I bet she's dead or ran off with the advance I gave her. That's the last time I trust someone. Told Harkness to keep an eye out for her just in case she ever comes back to the city. That's what I get for sending a woman to do a man's job!

Lincoln Artifacts ExpeditionEdit


Came to find out through the grapevine that there are a bunch of Lincoln's artifacts still in the Museum of History. I think I may branch out from just collecting documents if I could get my hands on those gems. Only problem is I have to find someone braver than me who can get to the museum in one piece.

Liberty Bell ExpeditionEdit


Bumped into a traveler a little while ago who showed me what he said was a fragment of the actual Liberty Bell! Poppycock! The Liberty Bell is still intact and laying in the ruins of Philly. I have funded an expedition to that dump in hopes of having the entire bell brought back to my museum.

Welcome to the Capitol Preservation SocietyEdit

Terminal found in the Capitol Preservation Society

Constitution of the U.S.A.Edit


The Constitution of the United States was drafted in 1786 and adopted a year later by the Constitutional Convention of Philly. This document defines the organization of the U.S. government and sets forth the rules and regulations, known as articles. In addition, there are modifications made to the articles by ruling Presidents during their reigns known as amendments. The society owns the only known copy of the document to exist which was retrieved from the ruins of the National Archives in 2256.

Emancipation ProclamationEdit


The Emancipation Proclamation was a document issued by the breathtakingly charismatic President Abraham Lincoln in 1862. This executive order was the beginning of the end of slavery in the United States. Although it was issued during the Civil War, making it a war measure, it paved the way for the Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution which completely abolished slavery once and for all.

Gettysburg AddressEdit


The Capitol Preservation Society is proud to have in its possession a copy of one of the most iconic and prolific speeches in United States history. This speech, given by the astonishingly intelligent Abraham Lincoln on Thursday, November 19, 1863, laid the groundwork for what would later become the basis of democracy in the United States and set the standards for a country with a government "by the people, for the people."

Monroe DoctrineEdit


The Monroe Doctrine was presented in 1823 by the average and unremarkable President James Monroe. The document warns the European powers of the time not to interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere, citing the examples of colonization and puppet government as possible in tolerances.

U.S. Declaration of War on GermanyEdit


Part of our collection is a copy of the formal declaration of war made on Germany during World War II on December 11, 1941, by the government and endorsed by the President Franklin D. Roosevelt. While the document doesn't evoke the brilliance of other masterworks like the Emancipation Proclamation, it still served as a reminder to the world that the United States wasn't a power to be trifled with.

U.S. Declaration of War on ChinaEdit


Although it is uncertain when the Declaration of War on China was made (some say 2066 when they invaded Alaska, others say 2067 when the first power armor suits were deployed to counter their forces), it is the last known document of note authored by the United States Government before the bombs fell. Had the Declaration had the tenacity and might of a stronger President behind it, say Abraham Lincoln, who's to say what the outcome of those tremulous years would have been?

Bannon's terminalEdit

Terminal found in Bannon's private quarters.

View AgendaEdit


Agenda for next council meeting
Fence on the flight deck.
Taxes. Gates tax? Water tax?
Weapons contribution programs.

Council Meeting MinutesEdit


In attendance:
Science Rep. - Dr. Madison Li
Civilian Rep. - Bannon
Security Rep. - Harkness

  • Bridge repair continues to be a drain on funds. Permanent bridge considered, but dismissed as too risky, in case of attack.
  • "Bridge Tax" for non-residents proposed by Bannon. Vote fails.
  • Hydroponics and city health continues well, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Li and her scientific team. However, system breakdowns are commonplace, requiring much maintenance.
  • Li proposed recruiting other scientific minds from Tenpenny Tower or Underworld. Vote fails.
  • Attempts to clear out the mirelurk infestation in down-below continue as usual. Harkness and team is able to contain them and occasionally wipe them out, but they continue to nest in the area, posing a theoretical risk if the ever turn aggressive towards higher decks.
  • Bannon suggests closing off lower deck fore. Vote fails.
  • Funds and ammunition allocation for a mirelurk cleaning operation proposed by Harkness. Vote passes.
  • Dr. Li leaves early to oversee hydroponics testing.
  • Meeting adjourned.

Seagrave's terminalEdit

Terminal found in Seagrave Holmes' private quarters.

Survival Weapon IdeaEdit


Had an idea for a survival weapon. There are all these railroad spikes laying around the wasteland. I ought to be able to build some sort of slingshot to fire them like bullets. I tried some really big rubber bands, but that didn't work. I wonder if I could use steam as a power source?



Doctor Li,
We both know that Bannon does not have the best interests of Rivet City at heart. He is only interested in making a profit. He would sell his own children, if he had any, for an extra bottle cap. He needs to be removed. I would be glad to step forward as his replacement.
Seagrave Holmes

RE: BannonEdit


I do not wish to get pulled down into petty political bickering. Bannon has not done anything wrong. If the time ever comes when he does something truly harmful to Rivet City, the other council members will look into it. Until then, I have a lab to run.

Weatherly terminalEdit

Terminal found in the Weatherly Hotel.

Hotel RegistryEdit


Room 1: Zimmer and guest
Room 2: Sister
Room 3: Empty

Shopping ListEdit


Need to get by next week.
13 mutfruit, check for mold

9 Iguana-on-a-stick

5 beers

Pinkerton's private computerEdit

Horace Pinkerton's terminal, found in the Rivet City bow.

City Founders LogEdit


April 25, 2239
Inaugural Meeting of the Rivet City Council
Science Rep. - Dr. Horace Pinkerton
Civilian Rep. - Annette Holmes
Security Rep. - Brad Danvers
As the Rivet Station Science Outpost has displayed significant stability in its location and reliable profitability for supply traders, a burgeoning civilian settlement has sprung up in the available space on our ship.
To better protect and organize this growing community, we declare a three man council will act as a governing body to represent the interests of the residents of the newly dubbed "Rivet City."

Android LogEdit


Hah! I've done it. I've built a Circuit Neuralizer from spare parts using diagrams rescued from that vault last year. I'm brilliant! I'll show those hacks from the Commonwealth now!

Android Log 2Edit


I stole the mem chip from that jerk Braun. Where does he get off robbing people of their souls like that. Anyway, he's so involved in that simulation of his, that breaking in and taking it was like stealing from a little girl. Of course, I won't know whose memories are on this thing until I integrate it into it's new host. But they never specified, so it shouldn't really matter. I can't wait until the subject arrives.'

Android Log 3Edit


I got those memories into that android like I was God sending down messages from Heaven. Calls himself "Harkness" now. Thinks he's an old combat veteran. Did a little extra tinerking with his reflex system. He's certainly not someone I'd want to meet in a fight. When he "woke up" he was all confused. We told him he was in a coma for a long time. Between the new memories and the new face I gave him, there isn't anyone that would recognize him. Not even himself!

Pinkerton PasscodeEdit


Password: misanthropy

It also contains the before and after pictures of Harkness' operation.

Doctor Li's terminalEdit

Terminal found in the Rivet City science lab

Hydroponics NotesEdit


The RC hydroponics have been restored to basic functionality - easy enough after all our research. The limited amount of clean water we can produce is enough for growing basic foodstuffs.

Still no progress on any mass-purification tests, and with all of the maintenance that has to be done around here, there's hardly any time to attempt new experiments.

In any case, RC wouldn't work as a location for truly large scale decontamination. The infrastructure just isn't here, and the idea of recreating it again is too daunting to convince the rest of the council.

And that's even if the process worked.


  • There are two security terminals in the Bridge tower, both having the same entry in them.
  • Some of the information in the "Welcome to the Capitol Preservation Society" terminal is wrong.
  • It is odd how Doctor Li (in the "RE: Bannon" entry) says, "the other council members will look into it", considering there are only three possible members when she sends this message (her, Bannon, and Harkness), and the only one who would be looking into it therefore would be Harkness.

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