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FOBoSLogoThe following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Ring of Numbers is a quest in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. It is located in the Secret Vault - laboratory 2.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Getting from Lab One to Lab Three required a mutant's eyeball, and getting from Lab Two and to Lab Three isn't that easy either. The goal is to get two items, a console keycard from a huge, adolescent deathclaw in the south room (the hard part) and a wedding ring, that contains the code used in combination with the keycard. The ring lies on a console near a dead vault dweller, in a computer room east in Lab Two, just past a few rooms with deathclaws.

The ring's inscription reads "9-29-2001", obviously a wedding date. Use the first three digits when inserting the card into the console and the door opens.


  • 300 XP
  • Access to Lab Three

Quest stagesEdit

1 Found a piece of paper that says, "Honey, how could you say you love me if you don't remember our anniversary!?!"
2Quest finishedIcon checkFound a ring, on the inside there are some engraved markings that read "9-29-2001, H&H". What could this mean?

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