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FOT Riddick
affiliationBrotherhood of Steel
rankJunior Knight
locationPitch Black
appearancesFallout Tactics
base SPECIAL8 ST, 7 PE, 7 EN, 1 CH, 5 IN, 7 AG, 5 LK
derived statsHit Points: 38
Armor Class: 5
Melee Damage: 4
Bonus Damage: 0%
Damage Resistance: 0%
Poison Resistance: 35%
Radiation Resistance: 14%
Action Points: 7
Carry Weight: 250 lbs.
Healing Rate: 2
Critical Chance: 5%
Skill Rate: 13
Perk Rate: 3
tag skillsMelee Weapons: 30%
Unarmed: 30%
Sneak: 60%
traitsHeavy Handed
Night Person
perksBonus HtH Damage
Night Vision
Silent Running
Silent Death
Adrenaline Rush
dialogue fileMIS Z08 Speech.txt
Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

But it ain't me you gotta worry about now.

Riddick is a special character that can be recruited in Fallout Tactics after the Warrior completes a mission with him.


Riddick is a criminal on the run from all sorts of people and authorities, but exactly who he refuses to mention. While he's happy to fight other humans, he prefers to try out his exceptional night vision on the lethal critters of the wasteland.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Location
Recruit: yesIcon check
When becoming a Junior Knight and after visiting the special encounter
Merchant: noIcon cross
Replenish: noIcon cross
Missions involved: noIcon cross
Locations: yesIcon check
Pitch Black
Bunker Gamma, Bunker Delta, Bunker Epsilon


Apparel Weapon Other items
Midwestern Brotherhood leather armor - -


Riddick should become available after the Warrior reached the rank of Junior Knight, and after he/she met him in the Pitch Black special encounter. After the mission he is recruitable in the Gamma bunker.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "All you people are so scared of me."
  • "But it ain't me you gotta worry about now."
  • "I can see in the dark."
  • "You're not afraid of the dark, are you?"
  • "Don't step out of the light."


Riddick appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Behind the scenesEdit

Riddick is a reference to Richard B. Riddick, the titular main protagonist in the Chronicles of Riddick science fiction universe. His appearance and abilities are much the same; including Night Vision. The encounter title Pitch Black is a reference to the first film in the series, in which Riddick combats nocturnal alien monsters during a solar eclipse on the planet where the ship transporting him had crash-landed.

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