Rico is a Brotherhood soldier mentioned by Proctor Teagan in Fallout 4.


Originally an inexperienced recruit from the wasteland, Rico served aboard the Prydwen, where he got to know the ship's quartermaster, Teagan. According to Teagan, the two would meet in the supply depot every day after his shift and discuss all manner of subjects.

After the Brotherhood arrived in the Commonwealth, Rico was promoted to lancer and became a Vertibird pilot, after which he celebrated with Teagan by giving the proctor a bottle of whiskey. His aircraft was was shot down by a raider with a rocket launcher not long after the Sole Survivor destroyed the Institute. Lancer-Captain Kells informed Teagan, who in turn told Rico's story to the Sole Survivor and passed on a bottle of his own as thanks for making the Commonwealth safer.[1]


Rico is only mentioned in Fallout 4.


  1. Teagan's dialogue - Line 85 to 94

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