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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Richard, mayor of Carbon.

Well, I guess you're the stranger everyone's talking about. Somehow I expected more... I'm Richard, the mayor of Carbon. I appreciate your help in dealing with the raiders, but it can only lead to more trouble.

Mayor, huh? What exactly do you do here?
The Brotherhood of Steel sent me here. I'm looking for other soldiers like me...
You can't let those raiders push you around.
Fine. You deal with them. I'm gone.

Yes? You're still here? What is it now?
Who are you, anyway?

The Brotherhood of Steel sent me here. I'm looking for other soldiers like me...
Tell me what you know about the raiders.
What do you know about these radscorpions in the warehouse?
What's down in that crater at the edge of town?
Forget it. Asshole.

I'm the mayor of Carbon. Beyond that, it's none of your business.

All right, let's talk about something else.
What if I make it my business, asshole?
Fine. Be that way.

Brotherhood? Yes... I spoke with one of your paladins. Maybe I can help you... if you're willing to help us in return. Our supply warehouse is infested with radscorpions. Clear them out, and I'll tell you more.

All right. It's a deal.
I'm not your fucking janitor. Clean up your own mess.

The raiders bother us from time to time, but we co-exist through a mutual... understanding.

I see... I had a few more questions.
They do whatever they want while you play the bitch, right?
I guess you do what you have to do. See you around.
Hmph. I don't converse with garbage. Goodbye.
What was that? Look me in the eye when you call me names, fuck face.
Yeah, well fuck you, too.

What?!? How dare you! I have kept these people alive for many years without the help from any "Brotherhood"! We do what we must in order to survive!

I can see that you're doing the best you can. Please, let's change the subject.
You survive, but your people don't. People like you make me sick.
I don't like how you say the word, 'Brotherhood.'
I'm going, you dick.

Good! The warehouse is just on the other side of the square - here's the key. I had to lock the building to keep the beasts away from the rest of the town. Come back when you've cleaned out all the radscorpions.

Sure. But let me ask you a few questions first...
Tell me more about these radscorpions.
On my way.

Radscorpions are huge mutated versions of the pre-war insects. Evolution. The world has changed, and there's not much place for humans in it any more.
Radscorpions are huge mutated versions of the pre-war arachnids. Evolution. The world has changed, and there's not much place for humans in it any more.

Uh... yeah. Can we talk about something less depressing?
You're making me all weepy, dough boy.
I'm going to go talk to a nice cheerful rock.

Well, stranger, how goes your bug hunting?

Not finished yet. I wanted to ask you something...
Yup. Radscorpions all dead.
I need a bit more information about the radscorpions.
I'll let you know when I've cleared them all out.

Excellent! Well, a deal is a deal. The Brotherhood paladins went down into the crater at the edge of town. Here's the key to our little "elevator".

I'll check it out. Let me ask you some questions first...
Why would the Brotherhood be interested in that crater?
Nice doing business with you.

Lord knows what's in that crater. Radscorpions and worse things, I'm sure. Perhaps your paladins found a vault down there, deep inside that wound in the flank of the world.

A vault, huh? Maybe... Let me ask you something else.
I'd better go. Too much melodrama makes me ill.

Wh-why aren't you down in the crater? I told you what you needed to know!

I missed your shining personality - and I had some questions for you...
I wanted to know more about the crater.
Nice to hear that I'm welcome. Later.

You... you're a ghoul! I didn't know... please... I meant no offense! Take these! Just... just don't touch me!

Touch you? Look, I just want you to answer some questions.
All right. I won't eat your brains... this time. See ya.

Oh, I know all about your "Brotherhood". You hoard weapons and technology, then look down your noses at the rest of us who have to live on rat meat and sleep in the dirt.

Maybe we should change the subject...
If I wasn't a dedicated Brotherhood soldier, I'd make you eat those words.
And for some reason, we fight to protect people like you. I'm leaving.

It is only fitting that you die here, stranger. These bones mark the demise of one civilization and the birth of another. Mammals replaced the dinosaurs... who knows what will come to replace us?

Don't tell me you think that the raiders are the next stage in evolution.
What's going on? Where are the Brotherhood paladins?
You've got a bad attitude, pal.

The raiders wanted your head, for what you did to their friends in the bar. Either I gave you to them, or they burned the town. My choice was clear.

What about the Brotherhood paladins?
You set me up! You slimy little chicken-shit...
I'm sick of your whining. You die today.

Your Brotherhood paladins? Yes, they came to town ... but they left suddenly, after they spoke with the woman who leads the raiders - the Raider Matron.

So instead of fighting the raiders, you come after me.
Maybe the paladins didn't realize what a traitorous fuck you really are.
Guess I'll go after her. Out of my way, you fat fuck.

Hmph. I'm tired of hearing your foul-mouthed attempts at communication.

Maybe you like your raider boyfriends better.
Wait a second... what about the Brotherhood paladins? Where are they?
And I'm tired of pretending that I'm not itching to kill you. Now.
I'm not normally a violent man, but I think I'll enjoy killing you. You're outnumbered... and I've got a few surprises to guarantee your death!
Come get some.