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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Rhombus, Brotherhood paladin.

Church of the Lost torture chamberEdit


The Brotherhood reinforcements have finally arrived! How many paladins are with you? Stand up straight when you're being addressed by a superior!
Easy, old man. Who are you anyway?
Come to torture me, ghoul? Do your worst! You'll find that Brotherhood of Steel paladins don't make such easy sport! And when reinforcements arrive, you'll be exterminated along with the rest of your accursed kind!

Torture you? Tempting... but I'm from the Brotherhood.

This is no time for conversation, initiate! You must free me!

I don't know... you make a nice decoration. Sort of complete the room.
Before we go anywhere, why didn't you help the people of Carbon?
Tell me about the ghoul cult.
I heard the big ghoul mention an important key. What's he talking about?
How do I get you out of here?
Just be patient. I'll be right back.

I am Rhombus, leader of the Brotherhood of Steel paladins. Or I was, before I was captured. The council truly controls the Brotherhood anyway, while old knights like me wander the wasteland, and die at the hands of monsters...

You're not dead yet. And I'm here to rescue you.

A ghoul in the Brotherhood of Steel?!? Now I've seen everything! Well, I am Rhombus, leader of the Brotherhood paladins. Where are the other paladins in your unit? And please tell me they're not all ghouls!

I'm the only one here, pal. Just me.

You - you're the only one?!? Those idiots on the Brotherhood council! I warned them that this region contained significant activity! And they sent a - a... You're not even a full paladin, are you? How preposterous!

You can complain to the council later. Let's get you you out of here, first.
I've done all right. Which one of us is strung up like slaughtered brahmin?
You're right. I'm going home. Have fun at your execution.

Well, you've got sand, initiate. Good for you... but this bickering is pointless. The situation is far too grave. You must help me get free!
Maybe you can give me some information...

All right. What do I have to do?
I don't have to do anything. In fact, I'm leaving. Bye.
All right. I'll go and get that key.

How dare you?!? You have no right to question me! What was done in Carbon - unpleasant though it may seem - was done for the fate of humanity!

We can discuss this later... How do I get these chains off you?
Nice sense of compassion, you hypocritical jerk.
Forget I said anything. I had some other questions.
I think somebody needs a little quiet time. I might come back later...
There's no point in arguing. I'm going to find that key.

The ghoul cult worships and protects a vault somewhere in this region. However, the cult isn't the real threat... the real threat is the mutants!

The mutants aren't far from here. We'd better hurry - what's next?
Ghouls, mutants, a secret vault... and you're in chains. What a fuck up you are.
Why would the ghouls want to protect a vault? Or worship it?
Why are the mutants the real threat? Are they up to something?
The plot thickens. Let me ask you something else.
Wow, that's really heavy. I better go and lie down and think.
I'd better hurry up and find that key to free you, then.

I "appropriated" a keycard from the cult, and hid it before I was captured. I don't know what it's for, but it must have something to do with the vault.

All right. First things first - how can I get you out of these chains?
Sounds logical. Tell me more about these cult ghouls.
Why is this vault so important? It's just a fancy hole in the ground, right?
Interesting. I had some other questions.
I'm going to look into this. Don't go anywhere.
Hmm? I'd better get you free first, then we'll worry about that keycard.

You cannot leave! Hate me if you like, but there are things more important than you or I... the events that are transpiring in this city could determine the fate of the world!

Oh, it's a "fate of the world" thing. What do I have to do?
Yeah, the Brotherhood is great. But you're an asshole.
All right, I'll stay... but you're gonna answer some questions.

Now listen carefully... the cult leader holds the key to unlock these chains. You must find him and take the key from him... be prepared to kill without mercy.

Gotta kill a shitload of those cult ghouls too - tell me more about them.
That sounds like a lot of work just to save your saggy old ass.
Before I go on my murder spree, I wanted to know something...
Kill without mercy. I like the sound of that. Be back in a jiffy.

Whatever the secret vault holds, the ghouls fear it enough to kill any trespassers... I suspect that the same secret "thing" is the reason why mutants have been searching for this vault - for this particular vault.

All right. How do we get you out of those chains?
What do you know about this ghoul cult?
Any idea what the mutants are up to?
That's interesting. Let me ask you something else.
I've got a lot to do then, and I'm just wasting time with you. Bye.
I have to look into this some more. I'll be back later.

I have fought the mutants all my life, but you may be too young to recall their savagery... They threaten all life because they wish to become the dominant species on earth, crushing the world in their grasp.

Well we can't allow that, can we? Let's get you free.
Humans screw each other all the time. You screwed the people of Carbon.
Let me ask you something else...
Speaking of savagery, I'm gonna go kill some stuff. See you.
Then we need that key to free you. I'm going to go get it now.

The key! Now release me so that we can escape this hell hole and recover the vault keycard I've hidden. Be prepared - it will be a fight to get there!

Let's get going, then.

After Kamikaze ghoulEdit


When I was younger... I would have laughed at a wound like this! Looks like you've finished that abomination Blake... but your work isn't done yet.
Come on, get up soldier! There are mutants to kill!

My work?!? So you're a completely useless old fart, huh?
I assume you're talking about the mutants. What do I have to do?

This is no longer my fight, soldier. Here, take my Brotherhood insignia. A sign of my trust... that you will do what must be done...

Cool! A useless old badge! I bet I can pawn this for a whole carrot.
What must be done... Yes, I'm ready.
I'll find that vault and take care of the mutants. You have my word.

Ha... you're a mean sonofabitch, initiate... even now... That's good. You'll need that attitude for the job to come...
Ha... you're a mean one, initiate... even now... That's good. You'll need that attitude for the job to come...

Yeah, but I could use your help. So get up, and let's go kick some mutant ass!
What job? You mean there's more?!?
Well, I'm off. Good luck with that whole dying thing.

You must take the keycard... find the secret vault. Get there before the mutants do... One of the ghouls on the bridge must have some information...

All right, but I'm not doing it alone. You're coming with me.
Anything else? You want me to reverse time and stop the great war?
Talk to ghouls... find secret vault... defeat mutant army. Piece of cake.

Hurry, initiate... the Brotherhood is counting on you... This world may be wounded, but that makes it all the more precious...
Farewell, Rhombus.

I will be all right, initiate, but you must go now. Find the vault, defeat the mutants... or we face the end of all life... as we know it...
Rhombus? Shit, he's passed out. I'd better get going.