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Rex Meacham was the lead scientist of the Beverageer Division before the Great War. He is found dead in the Nuka-Cola bottling plant's secret lab in 2287.


After General Braxton and Bradberton's agreement about using the Beverageer division of Nuka-World, Meacham and his team started working on finding new chemicals for use in military weapons. Eventually they came up with a new chemical named "Quantum", which was based on isotope strontium-90. It was eventually used in Nuka-nukes and Nuka-Cola Quantum.[1] After the Great War, he was locked in the Secure beverageer lab along with the rest of the Beverageer scientists. Here he became more and more paranoid, placing secret recordings around the lab. He was eventually driven mad and killed Kate Leavitt for trying to leave.[2] He managed to finish Project Cobalt, before dying from radiation poisoning, which he received while pursuing Kevin Bennell into the reactor room.[3]

His voice can be heard on all four tapes of the Meacham recordings.


Rex Meacham appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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