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For the Nightkin in Van Buren, see Revelation John.

The verse as seen in Fallout 3

Revelation 21:6. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

— Revelation 21:6, King James Version

Revelation 21:6 is a passage in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. It is mentioned several times during the course of Fallout 3 by James, the Lone Wanderer's father, who says it was the favorite verse of Catherine, his deceased wife and mother of the Lone Wanderer.

The Greek letters alpha (A) and omega (Ω) are essentially the Greek counterparts of the Latin letters A and Z, meaning that God is the first and last of all things. They are also a recurring motif in Christian imagery and iconography.

As applied to the post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout, the introduction of 21:6 in the first tutorial quest can be seen as a foreshadowing of Project Purity, an attempt to purify all the irradiated water in the Tidal Basin by the Jefferson Memorial. After being reunited with James, the player learns that this passage was the inspiration for the project. In the game's climax, the code "216" is used to activate the water purifier.

It might also, depending on what path of Karma the player takes, be a prophecy of the Lone Wanderer's transformation into the new Wasteland Savior by his or her final act of self-sacrifice.

Framed quote in Vault 101Edit

The framed quote in James' Vault 101 office can be lockpicked during the "Trouble on the Homefront" quest (while accessible, the necessary 50 skill points are impossible to attain before escaping the Vault). Among other things, it contains a Rock-It Launcher schematic, 300 caps, and an audio recording made by James around the time of the "Baby Steps" quest contemplating life in Vault 101 as a widower and new father.


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