Anyway, main base's in the middle of the goddamned ocean. Well, not smack ass in the middle, but it might as well be. Only way to get there is by ship or vertibird and the damn ship's been tinkered with. Ya need a FOB to operate the damn thing.


Retrieve the FOB from the base Commander is a quest in Fallout 2.


Lie to the Navarro guard saying you're the cleaning crew and *clean* the shelves of their FOB. If you talk to the cook about the main base and the FOB, then pass a Speech check with the Base commander's door guard you can say that base sent you to secure the FOB and lock it up and then freely loot the commanders shelves.


  • The player must first speak to the cook, then wait until 16 o'clock and the guard will grant you access.
  • To loot the FOB, the character must be skilled in Lockpick to unlock the locker.
  • If he catches the Chosen One unlocking the locker, the commander will become hostile and alert the base.
  • If the guard's only remaining dialog is to ask you if you have the FOB removal orders yet, then you have missed your opportunity to sneak in as the cleaning crew and there is no way to get the FOB but to kill the guard.