Rescue Nagor's dog, Smoke, from the wilds

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Smoke ran off into the hunting grounds and hasn't come back and now Morlis won't let me go find him. She says it's too dangerous and he's just a dog, but I was going to go anyway. But now you're here and you could do it and I wouldn't get in trouble.


Rescue Nagor's dog, Smoke, from the wilds is a quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: Rescue Nagor's dog, Smoke, from the wilds
Speak with Cameron.
Go to Arroyo hunting grounds.
Go near Smoke.
Kill all the geckos. (optional)
Go back to Nagor with Smoke.
Reward: 100 XP, 3 Karma

Detailed walkthroughEdit

This quest is given you to by Nagor in Arroyo. He asks you to locate his missing dog, Smoke. The dog can be found in the Arroyo hunting grounds.

Once you've found the dog he will follow you out of the hunting grounds. If you get into a fight with any of the geckos in the area, the dog will attack the enemies alongside you, at the risk of being killed. However, the geckos will not attack the Chosen One unless provoked. If the dog dies, the quest cannot be completed.

If you refuse the quest, Nagor will try to rescue Smoke himself, but will be killed. You will lose 3 Karma if you do this. The quest will also become impossible to finish (Smoke disappears).


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