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Relay tower 1DL-109 is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The relay tower sits atop a rocky hill in close proximity to a water lock and a set of rail road tracks. Around the base of the tower is a terminal which can be used to extend the tower's satellites to amplify the signals in the surrounding area. Extending the satellites will acquire three new radio signals for the Pip-Boy radio. Also by the base of the tower is a broken utility protectron with some random loot.


  • Boston City Works Beacon is 89 meters away and can be found by heading west towards the water lock and inside the small hatch in the operations building.
  • Distress signal is 89 meters away and can be found inside a train car by heading south-southeast from the radio beacon until you meet the train tracks and find a train with several feral ghouls. The fourth car along (blue car, turned on its side) has a hatch to enter the train, hidden behind a bush. It can be easily found, as it's the only bush touching the train on either side.
  • Garbled radio beacon is 208 meters away and can be found by heading due east from Oberland station until you see burning trees and a crashed alien spaceship, then following the green blood trail to an unmarked cave.


The garbled radio beacon only starts broadcasting after reaching level 20.


Relay tower 1DL-109 only appears in Fallout 4.

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