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Thanks for the information, friend. I'll make sure it's put to good use. (smiles) Here's your $50 and a piss on the house, too.


Refuel the still is a quest in Fallout 2.


  • The Chosen One needs to have either a neutral or good reputation in order to have the option to speak with Whiskey Bob. Inside the Buckner House, Whiskey Bob states that the still south of town needs to be refilled.
  • The Chosen One has only one day to complete this quest.

Good routeEdit


  1. Speak with Whiskey Bob and drink with him - ask him to talk about his problem;
  2. Go to the wilds;
  3. Head south west to the small shack;
  4. Pick up the firewood on the floor;
  5. Use the firewood on the still;
  6. Head back to Whiskey Bob for the reward.


  • 100 XP
  • $50 (ask whiskey Bob for more, and 65$ will be awarded after passing a Barter check)
  • +15 Karma

Evil routeEdit

The location of the still can be revealed to Sajag, the owner of the Golden Gecko.


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